Monday, March 30, 2009

Metro Game

I always love riding the metro since there are so many hot guys on there often. So sometimes I play a little game. When there is a hot guy sitting next to me and I feel like hes looking at me. I break out my phone and start texting the following message

"Guy next to me is really hot. I wonder if he'd bred me. I need cum in my ass NOW!"

I've never had a bite with that until tonight when the guy turned to me and said "My place?"

I've never look so excited. We got off a couple stations later and I followed him to his place. I got to inside and he asked if I was serious. I asked what did he mean and he waved a condom at me. I reached for the condom grabbed it and whispered into his ear, " If you want to use that, I can go. However, in exchange for you shooting your load as deep in me as you can, I'm willing to do almost anything."

He laughed. "Game"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

birthday fun

So one of my friends who is in a relationship asked if I would be willing to come to his boyfriends birthday party. I said sure and then I asked what his boyfriend would like as a gift. He laughed and then suggested that I could be the gift. I just laughed and wondered what I had to offer. He just told me to show up at 7 and have a clean hole.

I showed up at 7 and the place was pretty much empty. It was just him and his boyfriend setting up for the party. They offered me a drink and told me to strip. I did but I wondered why they were still clothed. Had I misread them and came to an exhibitionist event?

They spinned me around adn then they started playign with my hole. They rimmed me a little bit and then told me to go lay face down on the table. I must have looked really confused so they started to explain the birthday wish. He wanted a boy he could eat and fuck. I laughed and obliged. I was not prepared for what came next. They tied my arms and legs to the table and told me to be still. They then started to turn me into a fuckable dessert. I was promptley covered with nutella, whipcream, chocolate sauce, honey, and covered with stuff to eat it off with. I was dessert you put the cream in yourself.

About 15 minutes after they were done dressing me up a bunch of guys started arriving and wishing a happy birthday to the birthday boy and then laughing at the dessert. He suggested that people drop their load in me so he could eat it out of me later. I suddenly realised that the drink was more than just alcohol and that i was going to be in no position to protest anything that night. It was quite possible the worst possition to get fucked in ever buti didnt really feel anything nor did anyone complain about the awkward angle to get into my hole. Besides the cocks going into my hole, I could tell that there were people licking or touching me all over to eat the dessert.

As the night continued on, I kept coming and going from being in a position of knowing really what was going on and being groggy. It was late when i felt him waking me up because it was time to sing happy birthday. I turned around and saw about 8 or 10 guys around me and then birthday boy all eyeing the cake that had been laid on my ass checks. We sang happy birthday and the birthday boy stuck his cock in me through the cake. he pulled it out and started rubbing all over the cake saying who wants frosting.

As they ate cate he ate my hole. I went back under.

And I woke up in their bed moderately clean considereing what happened. I asked for putrid details and they laughed saying that everyone was a complete excited to drop their load in me. My ass hurt hardcore. I went back to sleep hoping there was more dna still churning inside me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Planned Vacation

So I have been working so hard on getting stuff set up so I get pounded hard during break that I've totally forgotten about living in the present :) However, it sounds like I'm going to have a lot to write about...

I'm going Antwerp where I will be staying with a top that someone recommended. Hes offered to keep me filled the entire time im there. Night 2 of being there hes going to invite the entire city to drop a load.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Anyone want to let me couchsurf in exchange for taking your load?

Friday, March 13, 2009

waking up to fun

There are only a few people who I give my door code to and there are even fewer that know that there is a door key hidden behind my apartment number for those times when I've forgotten my keys or in the cases when someone needs to come over and drop a load.

Its funny to think that I always sleep naked and I sleep on my stomach. So this morning, I decided to sleep in until i felt something licking my hole. I keep pretending to be asleep until I felt a dick start trying to split me open.

With a tongue there too.

I looked back and saw a guy who I had hooked up before eating me out but someone I didn't know was pounding my hole. I just grinned and let the cock really take a pounding. After a few minutes, my friend got up, handed me some poppers and then let me dig into his ripe hairy pits. He smelled manly and musky and he grabbed me and kissed me with piggy passion.

He flipped me around and started pounding my hole. I got to get a good look at the other guy now. Fairly hairy, mid 30s I would guess, and a huge sac. His dick wasn't all that huge but he nuts made me sure he could pump a load deep inside me.

He lifted his arms and showed me his pits and then told me he liked a slut who knew that a mans pits were filled of all of the pheromones to make a btm happy.

At the same time as I was digging into the pits of my new friend, I felt my old friend's fucking become erratic, and his balls jump up to help fling his load as deep as possible. He fired 4 or 5 shots in me and then let his friend go at me. He didn't last very long in my splooge filled hole. I was right about his large sac. I felt him blow his huge load deep in me. He pulled out and stuck a finger in me, swirled it around, and then tasted it.

They got dressed and left me to go back to sleep in a cum filled dream.

Monday, March 9, 2009

weekend adventure

This weekend I decided I was going to go out with this guy who just happens to play the part of Prince Charming at Disneyland. He was pretty cute. Blonde and all that jazz and so we agreed to meet for a drink. I noticed that his profile didn't say that he was into "safe only"

I find that idea quite weird. I mean no hook up is safe. I mean you could look at each other and that's probably the safest you'll get.

When boys ask "Safe only? " I say, " I don't believe in guns."

I usually get a smirk... " So you love bb then? "

I always respond with the following, " Everyone loves bb, everyone bb's. Just not everyone is willing to admit it."

So cute prince charming and I are at this bar and he says he wants to go meet his friend at this club that is known for its backroom. I agree. We grab a few drinks there, I meet his cute latino friend, and we decide to go to a backroom for more fun.

Were going at it in this room that has a sling and we decide to take turns in it. I get the first guy in there (the prince charming) and I lube up his hole thats waiting for something in it on the sling. I don't even ask if he wants it bare. I just go. He moans. He screams. He grabs my cock and realises that hes getting it bare. He smiles and says breed me....

I'm not one for a lot of topping but sometimes I love dropping my load in a hole. He was willing and hot.

However, I let the other boy get a chance at that hole. I lubed him up and helped him get in. I don't know if hes ever topped before but he seemed to like it and was cumming in the guy in a matter of a couple minutes. I dipped my cock back in that wet hole.

The guy who just came asked if it was his turn in the sling so he switched with Prince Charming and I took a turn pounding his hole. Prince charming couldnt get hard enough to fuck him so he rimmed and fingered me while i was fucking this other guy.

Finally, I said it was my turn to get the sling. So i strapped myself in and got the tongue fucking of my life. It was pretty fucking nice to have my hole fingered and rimmed by these two guys. Sadly neither of them got hard enough to top me but prince charming mounted my cock while i was in the sling. I made that cum dumpster work to get his 2nd load.

I shot in him. Deep. My dna mixing with the other guy who then took off. I ate the loads out of Prince Charming and headed on my way.