Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm sorry I'm taking a long time to post this. Its getting to last few weeks of the semester and things are getting hellish in paris. I'm trying to finish up all my classwork and get pounded.

So as you may know I got an offer to go up to Antwerp to get myself good and cum filled for the first part of easter break. This guy told me about the party he would have since he enjoys whoring out a good bottom especially if they are submissive.

I said I was as long as it didn't involve pain, shit, blood, or fisting.

He said that was going to be cool and then offered me a strange proposition. He wanted to know if I really was that submissive and would obey him. I said I would and he offered to buy my train ticket there on the condition I would help someone if they started to talk about La fontaine de Duchamp.

I got on the train and the first part of the trip had no problems and no one wanting to speak to me about art. However, halfway on the track someone comes and sits next to me and I think hmmm could this really be what he was talking about? The guy asks if I speak french, and I tell him that I do but I'm sorry that I have an accent that may make it hard to understand me. He tells me that its no problem. He asks what Im doing ... tell him I'm visiting friends and that Im a student in Paris. He asks if I've been to the pompidou and if ive seen any of duchamps work there. I say yes. He says la fontaine is his favorite. He tells me I look motionsick and hands me a bottle and some tablets and tells me to take them to feel better and to drink it all down. Its a bottle of piss with some liquor in it who knows what the pills were. I drink it and take them anyway. He says good boy and tells me theres a car waiting for me at the station when we get there.

We arrive in Antwerp. I see the guy who offered to fill me. I get into his car. We get to his place. I find out the guy on the train will be there to pound me tomorrow. He then laughs and says I followed the instructions and I deserve a prize. He lifts up his arms and takes off his shirts and tells me to enjoy his pits. They were furry and ripe and delicious.

He fucks me.

Next day. 6 guys in the morning fuck me.

Takes me to lunch.

That night he says were going to play spin the bottom where im was put on a towel adn everyone gets 5 thrusts into my hole and the first one to load me loses. Between 10 guys this lasted a long time with everyone edging. They then told me how much they were into piss so I got into a bathtub and then put a funnel in my mouth and pissed while one of the guys pissed in me and then fucked me.

I was sore.