Saturday, November 21, 2009

walking home with loads leaking out of you

I love getting bred and feeling that load stick inside you. However, I hate it when I have to walk home immediately after because all that creamy goodness just leaks right out of you.

Picture this: I meet this guy online who suggests that he would like to cum in my ass and I find out that he's a 20 min walk from my place which is great since I cannot drive. So I walk over. He's hot 20 something little furry and seems pretty fun. However, he's one of those you're the bottom you will be doing all the work tonight. He lays back on the bed with his 8 inches of man meat just laying there and he says suck me. And I do and he just lays there. No indication that he would like to top me.

Finally, I look up and say well my ass isnt going to fuck itself. He smiles and says, "Want some poppers?" I take a couple hits and take it all one go. I know I was being torn up but I didn't care it just felt so good. He lasts 30 seconds and I feel him nut.

So I got dressed and left, still a little light head from the poppers. And as I was walking home, I could feel it all leaking out of me, slowly but surely :(

Sorry its been so long between posts but I've been working on my honors thesis and applying for grad school.