Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend fun

So I got a little piggy this weekend and took 3 loads from 3 different guys which was pretty fucking hot. I seem to have this little problem where the more cum my ass gets to consume the more it wants to consume. It wouldn't be a huge problem if there were better tops in town but alas.

1st Top: 2:21 a.m

I get this IM request from this college bro type saying he is looking for a guy to suck him off and if I can host. I tell him I can host and I will suck him off but when I tell him where I live he says that it is too far and that he can't come over because he is drunk. So he says good night and I say "Whenever you need a hole to dump in let me know" He gets all interested and asks if I would let him cum in my ass. I said sure. He then instructs me to lube up and says he will be over in 10 min. I of course lube up using those ass shots of lube unlock my door and sure enough just as im bending over my bed I hear someone walk into my apartment I look back and see this kid who is obviously a little drunk but pretty damn hot. He tells me to suck him for a bit and then he sticks some poppers under my nose which I loved. He hits the poppers and then flips me over and just rams his cock into me. It felt fucking amazing. He's really pounding my ass and then all of a sudden he whispers in my ear "Take my fucking babies" I feel his cock shoot up into me. He gets up gets dressed and leaves.

2nd Top 3:31 a.m

My friend comes over after I told him I had a sloppy hole to fuck. Doesn't even get naked all the way just unzips and puts his raw cock in my sloppy hole. His jeans rubbed against my ass in kindof a hot way. He kept asking me to tell him about the first guy that had pounded my hole so I describe to him. He keeps saying "Tell me more you dumpster, tell me more you spermbank." Finally I can feel his nuts start pumping fluid into my willing hole.

3rd Top 10:41 a.m

A guy on manhunt asks me if I take it bare. I tell him it depends. He responds, "On what?" I only go bare when a guy shoots in me. He comes over within 20 minutes. Hot 20 something guy with a furry chest and a smaller cock. It feels great inside me though and he just starts going at my hole with as much force as he can. He shoots inside me and just hangs out in my hole and then he tells me, "Round 2 in 2 minutes" I can already feel him hard inside me again with his veins rubbing against my ass. He keeps riding me hard and then I feel round two end in its creamy goodness inside me. He doesnt pull out again and asks if I am ready for the hattrick. He hard again super fast and he adds his third load inside me. He pulls out and sticks a finger in me and pulls it out covered with his white gold.

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