Monday, September 14, 2009

college freshman

So I have been talking to this alright looking freshman who is new to campus lately. He's 6'2, 180lbs and a little bit furry.

You see I met him at this party and we made out and fooled around a little bit and i thought that was going to be all that happened between us but the other afternoon I see him on an website and say Hello.

We start just shooting the shit when he asks the age old question " hey are you a bottom?"


"Can I ask you something weird?"

"Sure go ahead"

"Can I come over and drop my load in your ass?"

I can't believe it, the little 18 yo is a barebacker.

"Only if you shoot really deep in me."

He does a little laugh on IM and then comes over. First thing he says is are you serious about no rubbers? I laugh a little take off both our pants and shove his cock into my already lubed hole. As this is obviously consent for him to jizz in my hole, he grabs my shoulders and starts pounding me which is not something I expected so quickly. My ass felt like it was going to explode in pain. Slowly , the pain eased and my freshman was getting closer to nutting in my ass.

Then I heard him begin to moan as he was hitting his climax. He grabbed my hips, impaling me on his cock and he grunted "Getting my wad balls deep."


  1. HOT post, man -- I hope you get to see him again!

  2. Very fucking hot. Keep us updated!