Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big Game Weekend

So tomorrow is the big football game of the season where every single alumni comes into town and whatnot. Campus just gets so much more busy.

So I was cruising on Manhunt looking at the new bodies in town for the weekend. This really hot 20 something boy IMs me and asks if I want to get plowed. I replied "Fuck yea, I've got a hungry hole"

"For cock or cum?"

"Can you be hungry for one and not the other?"

"I'll be over in 20"

So I give him my address and whatnot and I clean up and lube up. He shows up right on time and walks me back into my bedroom and he reaches into my pants and puts his fingers in me.
So we are fooling around and suddenly were completely naked. I can smell him just a little bit, like he had gone without deoderant without showering, and he puts his cock up to my ass and shoves it in and whispers into my ear, "I've invited a few buds over too if you don't mind. Told them to just let themselves in."

Of course I had no objections. There was a bare cock in me and there was the promise of more but its just one of those things I'd like some heads up on.

So hes pounding me good and deep, hitting my prostate with every thrust. Suddenly, I realise there are a couple more guys in the room, both pretty decent looking. The exhibitionist quality gets him going and he nuts in me. I feel it start dripping out just a little bit when the next cock gets lined up to my hole. Then like a charm it gets pushed back in.

He's pounding me, and basically talking to my ass like it has a concisousness (which it might actually have) and he just pounds me pretty steadily. In and Out like a race boat. He adds his juice to the mix. He pulls out, sticks a finger in me, pulls it out and starts sucking it.

Third guy comes and takes control of my hole. The first two guys cocks were not huge but not small but this cock was a monster. If I hadn't been loosened by cock 1 and cock 2 and lubed with thier DNA I don't know how I could have taken this beast. He's literally ripping me open and he lasts 3 minutes before he shoots.

The guys thanked me and then noted that they would come around again sometime to see if my door was unlocked.


  1. Damn man. Hot fucking post. Love the impromptu gang breeding. Keep it up?

  2. Too funny! When I went to post the previous comment the captcha code that popped up was GUISEED. I wonder if it knew?