Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I know I'm terrible at updating

I can't offer you an excuses for why its been so long between entries other than I was writing a french thesis last semester and it really kicked my ass. But on the bright side I'm all graduated now and am currently.... unemployed which has its ups and downs. I get to work out a lot more and I get to stay home and take cock (and you guessed it... seed).

Like today for example I bottomed for 5 guys including two anon scenes and blew another.

The first guy that came over today wanted an anon scene so I did what a good sub boy should do. I gave him my address, left the door unlocked, blindfolded myself, and sat naked waiting for his cock. Soon enough, I heard the door to my apartment open and close, and I heard some one walk in. I heard someone strip down and then i smelled his cock next to my face. His head pressed against my lips and I swallowed him down to the shaft. I sucked him for a few minutes. He then asked me to get on my back and I willingly followed his command. I felt his tongue probe my hungry hole and then he passed me the bottle of poppers. I inhaled, he penatrated, and I was in cummy bottom heaven. He was in bare and deep and it felt fantastic. I just wiggled my little butt closer to his cock to make sure he got in as deep as possible.

He apparently did get in as deep as possible, because seconds later he was moaning and my ass felt wet. He was breathing heavily with his cock still in me. He slide out and moaned because cum was gushing out of my ass. Which it was. And it felt like. It was a huge fucking nut deep in me.

He left. I then sent out another round of emails to people to get them to come over and leave a load. Another bi discreet guy wanted to do an anon seeding so of course I let him. Apparently the guys around here drop a load in some random boy.

He came in through the door I had left unlocked and got undressed. I was of course in pitch blackness. He went to my ass and started licking it. He asked me how many loads I had up there. I obliged him and told him. He grabbed me and pulled me close against him. I could feel his chest hair on my back and he started fingering me. However, his finger felt weird. I suddenly realised that the bi guy was fingering me with his wedding finger, and he was married. This turned me on so much I started begging for his married load ;).

He stuck his dick in me. It was bigger than the first guy. He whispered in my ear "I'm pushing the other guy deeper. I'm going to give you my married cum."

He pounded me pretty relentlessly until I was begging for it. He started to churn his load in me. However he just keep fucking. My room started to smell like bare ass sex with all that white gold going in and out of my hole.

He got dressed and left. I sent out more emails on craiglist and a guy said he knew of a couple of guys that could come with if I didn't mind taking all their cocks. We then played the are you going to bareback game over email where I asked him where he likes to shoot and he said whatever.

He came over and asked me to suck him for a while waiting for his buds to show up. I started sucking him and one of his friends came in and started looking at my ass.

He came over and just fucked me without asking about rubbers or anything. It was pretty good it was fast he came before i was done sucking the other guy. Finally the 3rd guy showed up, asked if I had a sloppy hole. He dove in and fucked me and was done in a second. Finally, oral guy used my hole and finished in there.

It was a pretty good day.


  1. Fucking hot dude! I need to get into doing the anon scenes myself!

  2. Great job man! I've always found that married men do love raw boy hole.

  3. How hot! Is your life like this all the time?

  4. SUPER HOT - great job! -- Alan (http://alanquincey.blogspot.com)

  5. This posting made my dick hard. Niiiice.

  6. Hot Entries!!! We like....

    Hey sexy... we love your blog and would love for you to follow our blog =) keep being sexy!


  7. You live the life I did in my youth. Keep sharing that hot ass and body with as many as possible. I have nothing but respect for you.

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