Thursday, May 14, 2009

he couldnt make up his mind

so I had this hot dude come over because he wanted to top me. I said sure however, we didn't have the safe sex discussion. its a topic i dont really like to bring to the table so i talk about it in other ways like I will say something like I love cum anyway you want to give it to me. so hes leading precum like a whore and of course im lapping it up and then he straddles me and rubs his cock up and down my ass... he then tells me he wants in me so I press my hole back and he says hang on do you want to do this dirty way...

So as he is having this debate he says its nice to just rub against my hole against his rod since his cock cant go in. I laugh and im like its prolly going to go in just like that. He bets me that it cant go in just like that so I push back harder and harder and harder and thanks to him leaking like a faucet he slides in no problem. Which he seems to have a strange problem with... However, he just keeps fucking me telling me how he isn't sure this is the right thing to do.

And this goes on and he pulls out, puts on a rubber, slides in, pumps me a bit, and then decides he prefered it bare.

he pulls out, rips off the rubber, slides and in fucks me, and then tells me this isnt right and he should put on another rubber.

he finally entered me bare and left his load. thank goodness.


  1. Love those guys who can't decide! But you know the minute they try it bare, you've got it made. -Dan

  2. Obviously he was the young & dumb one. At least he figured out what's best in the end :-)

  3. Geez. Talk about dual-personalities. At the end of the day, he wanted the blast in your ass.